Welcome to the world, KlayDoges !

We do not force you to buy. We just publish our works as NFTs and develop them.
So if you're going to scold or interfere with the NFT, go away. Damn it!




KlayDoges CHAT


KlayDogesFriend Feature 01

What is this KlayDogesFriend?

What is it? It's just that Klaytn and Dogecoin are good, so we merged the two to be friends. Then we published the case as an NFT. Fuck! Damn it

KlayDogesFriend Feature 02

Why KlayDogesFriend?

Because it's cute and rare.
KlayDogesFriend is prettier than CryptoPunks.

If you connect wallet,
you'll find your KlayDogesFriend.

If the Klaytn metaverse era comes,

you can decorate it with KlayDogesFriend's NFT, right?

For example, like this.

KlayDogesFriend Feature 05

You succeeded in connecting your wallet!

List of my own KlayDogesFriend NFTs that can be decorated on the Klaytn metaverse.



- KlayDogesFriend ARTWORK -

KlayDogesFriend Feature